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Stray Thread

Very thrilled that this little embroidery was selected for the annual Wangaratta Petite Miniature Textile Prize at the Wangaratta Art Gallery. This is always such a beautiful intimate exhibition, I'm honoured to be incuded.

Exhibition runs until 14 August.

And here's a link to the catalogue:

Below are some words about the work form the catalogue.

Stray is one of a series of works inspired by stray dogs Michelle has encountered in her overseas travels. She has approached this textile work as she would a painting or drawing, choosing and combining the threads to evoke the dog’s brindle coat just as she would mix paint. The bold graphic shadow giving the piece a contemporary feel, and is suggestive of a linear, drawn approach transferred to textiles. The fray the edges and untrimmed threads visible through the muslin serve to re- iterate the unkempt nature of this little creature. For Michelle the tiny scale evokes the poignancy she feels for for this solitary little fringe dweller.


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