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Wollumbin Art Award

Very excited to be a finalist in the Wollumbin Art Award 2022 with my work Restraint.

Congratulations to all the other finalists!

The exhibition will be on from 30 September -30 November.

Tweed Regional Art gallery. Murwillumbah. NSW

Here is the statement which accompanies the work:

Restraint is part of an ongoing series of works involving dogs, (or more often than not a single dog), in empty urban landscapes. I’m engaged in considerations of how to compose this rectangular space, feeling for how much is required and paring down this sombre mise en scène to an essential composition of lines, plains, palette and manmade forms, to a point of near abstraction. And then, finally, countering that formality with the insinuation of a warm blooded, soft curved, furred creature and seeing how the dog activates this compositional space, creating tension between the living and the inanimate. Instantly re-constituting the spatial depth and suggesting emotion and narrative.


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